Owner, George Geter has worked with horses since his childhood in South Carolina. He worked extensively with ASRs, pleasure horses and ponies.

Now with a team of equine specialists, he is committed to breeding high-performing, intelligent Georgian Grande, Friesian Sporthorses, and Saddlebreds. Geter Ranch is quickly becoming one of the top breeders of the Georgian Grande horse in the United States. George takes pride in all of his young horses and seeks to find the finest performance homes that will not only take exceptional care of his horses but that are dedicated to improving and promoting the breed.

Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to come visit George and Geter Ranch in the near future. All are welcome at Geter Ranch but by appointment only.


During the 1970s, a breeder named George Wagner Jr. started crossing drafts to Saddlebreds to recreate as closely as possible the original Saddlebred type.  He wanted to bring back the heavier boned, bigger Saddlebreds of the historic past, which were more robust and sensible.  One example of the original type Saddlebred was General Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveler, who was Lee’s favorite horse throughout his many battle campaigns.  Other examples would be the noble Saddlebreds ridden by officers of the United States Calvary in the Civil War.  However, those were the old fashioned, bigger Saddlebreds of yesteryear.  The American Saddlebred of today has changed a good deal from its original appearance and tends to have much less bone.  Occasionally an “old fashioned” or baroque style Saddlebred can still be found, but most have disappeared from the equine scene. Due to Mr. Wagner’s dedicated efforts, the original Saddlebred type can again be seen in the magnificent Georgian Grande.  The name means “George’s Great Horse”, and indeed George Wagner did indeed succeed in producing a truly great horse; A horse that is even more impressive, noble and dependable than the old time saddlebreds! These horses have emerged as a breed of their own, in their own right, The incredible Georgian Grande!!!!

The International Georgian Grande Horse Registry (IGGHR) was founded in 1994. Since then IGGHR has grown by leaps and bounds. IGGHR is now a member of the United States Dressage Federation All Breeds Council and also a member of the American Horse Council. Also fully recognized by USDF and USEF as a participating breed, Georgian Grandes are eligible to compete for the USEF/USDF/IGGHR All-Breeds Awards. The breed is becoming quite popular and more so each day as its many abilities are noticed and appreciated. There are many International Georgian Grande Horse Registry horses winning in dressage, eventing and show jumping.  They can be shown in English Pleasure, Hunt Seat, Hunter Hack, English Show Hack, Driving and Western Pleasure.  They excel at Renaissance exhibitions and make wonderful and dependable trail horses for the entire family.

(History of the Georgian Grande was taken from the IGGHR website on July 1st 2017)